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Macanetta accommodation, Barco's de Macaneta, Macanetta island

Macanetta accommodation, Barco's de Macaneta, Macanetta island

Macanetta accommodation, Barco's de Macaneta, Macanetta island


Quick Facts:


  • The country was named Mozambique by the Portuguese after Msumbiji, the Swahili name of Mozambique Island and port-town.


  • Mozambique is divided into ten provinces and one capital city (Maputo) with provincial status.


  • At 309,475 square miles (801,590 km²), Mozambique is the world's 35th-largest country (after Pakistan).  It is comparable in size to Turkey.


  • The population is estimated at 22 894 000 (2009).


  • Armando Guebuza was inaugurated as the President of Mozambique on February 2, 2005.


  • The official currency is the New Metical which replaced old Meticals at the rate of a thousand to one.  The US dollar, South African rand, and recently the euro are also widely accepted and used in business transactions. 


  • As of 2009, 1 South African Rand (ZAR) is roughly equivalent to 3 Mozambican Meticals (MZN).


  • Portuguese is the official and most widely spoken language of the nation, but only 40% of all people speak it.


Before you go: 


  • It is advisable to consult with the AA of South Africa and your vehicle insurance for your requirements about crossing the border by vehicle.


  • It is advisable to find out about evacuation for medical assistance in case of an emergency and if your medical aid will assist. 


  • You will need to activate international roaming on your cell phone before you depart South Africa if you intend using you phone in Mozambique.  Should you not have roaming facilities, local network starter packs can be bought everywhere in Mozambique.  To call Mozambique from South Africa, dial the code (09 258) followed by the local area code and the number you wish to contact.


Pack your valid:


  • Passport (Ensure that your passport is valid for 6 months).  VISAS are no longer required by South African citizens.


  • Drivers License.


  • Vehicle Registration documents (If your car is being financed, you will have to get a letter from the bank stating that you have permission to take the car across the border).


  • Trailer Registration documents. 



  • Boat Registration documents.



We recommend you take colour copies of all of your registration papers as well as all of your personal documents in case of loss. This will make your life much easier. NEVER GIVE OUT ORIGINALS TO ANYONE IN MOZAMBIQUE.



Third party insurance is compulsory and is obtainable from AA Auto Shops, OUTDOOR WAREHOUSE stores and/ or at the border @ cost of R 150 for a vehicle and R 80 for a trailer.  Valid for 30 days from date of issue.


Ensure that license discs are current and visible.


Make sure that two red triangles as well as a reflective jacket is packed in your vehicles boot. 


It you are towing, it is compulsory for standard yellow / blue triangle stickers on the front and back of vehicles and trailers / boats.  All trailers must have reflective tape on the sides and back.


A ZA-sticker is also compulsory. All these stickers are available from AA Auto Shops, camping / outdoor shops and license plate suppliers.  OUTDOOR WAREHOUSE sells a sticker pack that contains all of the stickers that are compulsory for Mozambique.


Meat, Dairy Products and Fresh Produce MUST be vacuum sealed, and you are not allowed to bring these products back to South Africa upon return.


Malaria: you are strongly advised to take all the necessary precautions to avoid any possible inconveniences as most places in Mozambique are prone to malaria.



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